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Awards and Winners

On Jun 11th we had the HYAFC awards ceremony where we revealed the winners, we are still editing this recording of the Awards ceremony, (we will share with you when completed next week), and hope to feature it on ‘Olelo in July. 

Here are the winning films:

Ikaika Kaanui

Ikaika Kaanui: 1st Place in High School

Mia & Kiara

1st Place in Middle School & Overall High Score

There are two other films with honorable mention, but do not hit the content as completely as the winning films:

Using the Winning Films

Would you like to feature these videos on your website? If so, please lmk and I can send you a download via dropbox, as the file is too big to send over email.

We also plan to have the Office of Elections, Self-Advocacy Council, and Common Cause Hawai’i feature this on their websites and social media.

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